Forecast & Business Analyst


We’re entering a new phase of growth and focused on remodeling, adapting and optimizing our supply chain to leverage emerging growth trends in a post-COVID e-commerce landscape. We have a well-established Supply Chain that has been built over the last 12 years, selling ~1,000 SKUs to over 120 countries from 20 inventory locations across 4 major sales channels (with 9 distinct channels nestled within). Previous Supply Chain experience is not necessary. We have in-house experts who have helped us build this (your manager included) and we’re now searching for an Analytical Manager to bring a fresh perspective and lead our Demand and Supply Planning business unit to develop our approach during this time of rapid growth.

As our Forecast & Business Analyst, you’ll be leading a team who thinks carefully about possibilities, and is used to building models and using them to improve processes. We need you to work with our data and develop systems that enhance our forecast accuracy and inventory health. With 9 distinct sales channels, you’ll be responsible for making sure the channel inventory requirements are represented in our demand and supply plans. By leading your team to further develop and refine our processes, systems, and KPIs (the ones that make sense and help maximize everyone’s success), you’ll ensure our products get from our factories to our global distributors and customers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

You might currently be in an analytical or consulting role. Either way, you’re comfortable with large data sets and keen to be closer to the operations of the businesses to develop a deeper understanding of how the business and business systems work. You will be supported by an existing demand & supply planning team, tech team, and data team - each of them is expert in their domain and keen to share their knowledge.


  • A couple years of people management experience. This is essential, as is the ability to influence others through the quality of your ideas, rather than your place on the org chart
  • Technical competency with ERP and BI tools (you're comfortable with data, know how to analyze it and use it to build models)
  • The desire to get your hands a bit dirty, you want to be involved in the implementation of the system so you can understand what is working and what you can do better next time
  • A first-principles approach and understand that just because things have been done in a certain way doesn’t mean they should be
  • The willingness to engage in a challenging, intellectually honest environment and contribute to it
  • Pragmatism, you understand perfection can be the enemy but also recognize the opportunity to create scalable solutions that last
  • Excellent communication and continuous improvement skills and an ability to collaborate with people of varying levels and disciplines


  • Reviewed our inventory KPIs and investigated the cause of the increasing stockouts in the Amazon US warehouse; then noticed the KPI was misaligned with our business goals and updated it
  • Navigated large volumes of data and calculated the projected impact of Covid-related increases in shipping lead times before leading a strategic discussion with our Chief Business Officer
  • Noticed an improvement opportunity for one of our algorithms and collaborated with our Demand Planner to implement it
  • Helped our Supply Planner to decide the best way to allocate constrained inventory
  • Investigated and implemented a newly released feature on our planning software, StockIQ
  • Commenced a cost-benefit analysis of adding an APAC inventory hub to our distribution network
  • Checked in on the day’s priorities in a daily standup meeting with your team
  • Led the weekly Demand Planning meeting, focussing this week on the forecast performance of a recently released product
  • Met with our Digital Sales Manager to discuss an upcoming campaign to ensure we have enough inventory to meet the projected demand
  • Discussed the Theory of Constraints methodology with our Chief Business Officer and applied it to a piece of work


Bellroy’s mission is to inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; and help the world – and our crew – flourish. We make great carry products that delight people in their everyday lives, while constantly innovating to improve the sustainability of our materials. We donate a portion of our revenue to some of the world’s most effective charities and are a certified B Corporation.

We have carefully built our culture on radical effectiveness. Our credo is "smart people with good intentions who get shit done" (yes, really). We help our staff love their work and grow as people and have been recognized as Australia’s Best Place to Work 2021, in the "< 100 Employees" category. If you are excited by the idea of working in an intellectually challenging environment, in an award-winning culture with genuinely great people, this might be the role for you.


This is a full-time role based in our Collingwood Office. We enjoy working together in the same space but also value flexibility so work-from-home options are available.

Date de début du contrat : We're ready when you are!

Forecast & Business Analyst


Imaginer de meilleurs moyens de transporter vos affaires.
Utiliser notre influence pour la bonne cause.
Aider le monde et notre équipe à s'épanouir.

Nos espaces

'Bellroy' est un mélange de nos origines – Bells Beach et Fitzroy. Bells Beach apporte un côté décontracté alors que Fitzroy apporte un style urbain et créatif. La ville et la mer ; inspiration et aventure. Ensemble, ils créent le parfait équilibre.

Bells Beach

Notre QG à la plage se trouve juste derrière une grande dune de sable qui surplombe les spots de surf les plus réputés d'Australie. C'est là, dans le Maker Lab, que nos Product Designers innovent et que notre équipe commerciale passe la journée sur Skpye en consommant une quantité copieuse de café. L'ambiance est plus tranquille ici que chez nos voisins de Fitzroy et nous aimons nous concentrer sur notre processus créatif. Nous allons au café d’à côté dès que nous avons une petite faim ou que nous voulons espionner les surfeurs. Parfait pour se ressourcer en respirant un peu d'air (salé) frais.


Notre espace à Fitzroy est immergé au milieu du hub créatif de Melbourne. C'est là que nos équipes créatives, marketing, ingénierie et opérations développent nos campagnes et s'assurent que tous les produits Bellroy sont expédiés à travers le monde sans encombre. Les rues de Fitzroy regorgent d’énergie (et on y trouve le meilleur restaurant de ramen en dehors de Tokyo). La piscine olympique au coin de la rue est également parfaite pour ceux qui ont besoin de se rafraîchir à l'heure du déjeuner.

A distance

En plus de nos deux sièges sociaux nous avons une équipe qui travaille à distance - de l'Australie occidentale à des régions de l'Asie, aux États-Unis, à l'Europe. Être global est au coeur de Bellroy car cela nous maintient connectés et nous permet d'envisager la vie sous plusieurs regards. Si vous disposez d'une connection internet et si vous avez de la flexibilité pour faire partie d'une équipe que vous ne verrez pas tous les jours, vous pouvez envisager de joindre notre grandissante toile globale.

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Notre équipe

Le succès de Bellroy dépend de la diversité de nos équipes. Nous sommes une belle bande de penseurs et d'artisans venant de plus de 25 pays (pour l'instant). Chacun a des compétences uniques qui sont mises à profit pour réaliser une vision commune - Imaginer de nouveaux moyens de transporter vos essentiels ; utiliser notre entreprise pour influencer le monde de manière positive ; aider la société, et notre équipe, à s'épanouir.

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