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Six gift secrets from the Bellroy team

The end of 2018 is roaring towards us, with its festive-feeling, drink-sipping, gift-giving final months. But before we pull the party poppers, it’s time to put some thought into how you’ll show gratitude to those who have helped (and loved) you throughout the year.

We’ve put this guide together to hopefully save you some time, narrow things down and provide some ideas for the special someones in your life.

“Bellroy can take a backbreaker of a wallet and make it smaller than a deck of cards”

- Gear Patrol

Best-Seller: Note Sleeve

This is our best-selling men’s wallet all-year-round because of its ability to fit plenty in, yet still stay slim. And that’s why it is a no-brainer for gifting season. If you have that ‘but I don’t want to give them something everyone else has’ feeling, there’s an especially shiny Designers Edition of the Note Sleeve with signature detailing and a refined touch. Thank-you hugs guaranteed (if they’re a hugger).

Value Choice: Key Cover Plus

People might love ‘Jingle Bells’ playing in the stores, but no-one wants a jangle ball of chaotic keys in their pocket. That’s where the Key Cover Plus comes in. It organizes up to 8 keys sitting ‘top and tail’ in a premium leather bifold that snaps shut with a magnetic leather closure. There’s even a loop outside to attach a car key or fob. They’ll be praising you for newfound pocket bliss.

Fan Favorite: Campus Backpack

This might look a little like some other options out there, but we’ve got the quality (and warranty) to make sure it lasts much longer than the others. Time-honored style that lasts three months? No way. Our design team went for time-honored quality with millennial-minded organization and comfort. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for the college set, or those of a similar mind.

Staff Pick: Slim Sleeve

“The Slim Sleeve is my favorite wallet and the one I give to others, too. It’s a beautiful, slim piece of art; most people are surprised by how much you can fit in a wallet this small. And because it’s available in so many colours, it’s my go-to gift.”
- Arya, Product Development Guru

“When it comes to quality leather goods, few companies get it right like Bellroy”

- Everyday Carry

Best-Seller: Folio Wallet

So we call it a wallet, your mom calls it a purse and the French call it a portefeuille. Whatever the name, this one is an absolute gem when it comes to zipping up your cash, cards and phone into an elegant, leather companion. Classic looking with subtle detail, there’s plenty of space to slide everything into place. Available in a range of colors from black to blush.

Value Choice: Classic Pouch

Classic by name, versatile by nature – this pouch could also be called a cosmetics kit, office organizer, or stationery satchel. With internal pockets to store things where you need them and a generous space in the middle, it sorts cables, usbs, lip balm, pens, pencils and more. A humble companion that can make a big difference to her day.

Fan Favorite: Classic Tote

The Classic Tote is like a gateway to good design with its easy price, ability to blend in pretty much anywhere, and wide opening that lets you throw in just about anything (within reason, people). From the market, to campus, the office, or a house party, it’s a delight to use. And a total crowd pleaser gift.

“Considered, minimal bags to carry all your things to work, home, the gym or anywhere in-between”

- Dwell

Staff Pick: the Clutch

“I really love the Clutch because it’s big enough to include my iPhone Plus and still have space for cards, cash and coins. Basically, I don't need a handbag anymore. I like sharing that ‘light yet prepared’ feeling with friends – it’s the perfect option for a night out together!”
- Summer, Project Hustler

Best-Seller: Travel Folio

The Travel Folio took off to become our top travel seller as soon as we added it to the range this month. It gives easy access to essentials mid-transit, arranging a passport (or two), boarding passes, cards, a pen and even hiding some emergency cash. All zipped up in a neat leather folder. Upgrade their holiday travel experiences by keeping them organized and relaxed.

Value Choice: The In-flight Kit

Just to prove value isn’t synonymous with cheap (like your Uncle Kevin thinks it is), this bundle doubles the love at 20% less than the retail price. The In-Flight Kit combines a folio that organizes a passport, Kindle and notebook, with a pouch to sort any cables, earbuds and toiletries they might need for a long-haul trip.

“This is the best travel wallet”

- Condé Nast Traveler

Fan Favorite: Travel Wallet

Fitting a passport, boarding passes, multiple currencies, frequent flyer cards, credit cards, and a micro pen, the Travel Wallet is designed to make travel more seamless – and avoid those mid-airport passport panic moments (we’ve all had them). So, the only thing left to do once you wrap this one up is to start dropping hints for a Mexican holiday.

Staff Pick: Classic Backpack Plus

“The Classic Backpack Plus had me the moment I saw it with its classic, versatile look. The pockets and comfort confirm it as a ridiculously good everyday backpack. If you’re buying for someone who carries some tech, likes clean styling and is taller than 5'7", it’s hard to go wrong with this.”
- Chris, Community Chieftain

Hopefully, you’ve spotted something perfect for friends or family. If not, have a look through our full range. You might find a gift for yourself, while you’re at it. Happy shopping and happy holidays from us.