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Junior Softgoods Designer


Inspiring better ways to carry is at the core of Bellroy's mission and we’re on the hunt for a junior soft-goods designer to help our customers move through the world with greater ease, simplicity and enjoyment. We founded Carryology to connect with the carry community and learn from it. With Bellroy, we look to put those learnings into practice and find fresh, innovative solutions to every problem.

As our Junior Soft-goods Designer, you will work beside diversely skilled product designers, our pattern-maker, product developers and guest experts who are all passionate about design and carry, and Bellroy’s strong place within both. You’ll collaborate widely, both inside the business with our creative, development and product management teams, and outside it, with our world-class suppliers. You’ll work through your ideas in our design lab, where we can pattern and prototype new wallets, bags and carry goods in any given day (and still manage to check the surf). And you’d be part of a global business on a mission to lead the way – in both carry, and in business. If this sounds like the job of your dreams, read on.


You are hungry to learn and build your skills. You’re probably fresh out of uni and wanting to put your design theory to the test in a practical environment.

The idea of putting something out there, taking the feedback on board and iterating constantly in a dynamic environment is exciting (if a little nerve-wracking) to you. You’re not in it for pats on the back – you are more interested in growing ideas and improving designs with a team of people. Because you understand that at the end of the day, putting the best product in a customer’s hands is more important than anything else.

And because of that, you enjoy collaboration. We don’t believe in design generation in silos; we believe that the best design comes from challenging conversations. You feel excited by the prospect of joining these discussions, and to progress your own projects with input and direction from the group.

You enjoy being hands on and able to work directly with senior teams to support the development of ideas, from insights and hunches into sketches and prototypes.


  • Brainstormed with the design team on how to incorporate some user insights into a product range
  • Developed three concepts for an idea your project leader had, helping them form a better idea of what the end product could be
  • Worked in the lab to test some ideas in prototype form, then jammed with the other designers about how the prototypes came out
  • Contributed to a discussion about some new ideas, as both sounding board and collaborator
  • Scoured a pinterest board and laid out a colour and material mood board for a new range
  • Worked with Tara, our Design Studio Director, to get ideas about higher resolution sewn forms
  • Created Illustrator specifications for a successful prototype, ensuring our suppliers have the best chance of understanding the vision
  • Walked to Bird Rock lookout with the team, to check the ocean and let a little bit of nature soak into your senses (and maybe inspire your creativity).


We make great products that delight people in their everyday lives. We help our staff love their work and grow as people. We believe in working to help make the world a better place. As a certified B Corp , we pursue better ways to source our leathers (for environmental impact and animal welfare), reduce our impact on the environment and make sure our products last as long as possible. We are constantly looking for better ways to do… well, everything.


This role is full-time and based in our Jan Juc office, with frequent visits to our Collingwood office.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!


Imaginer de meilleurs moyens de transporter vos affaires.
Utiliser notre influence pour la bonne cause.
Aider le monde et notre équipe à s'épanouir.

Nos espaces

Bellroy' est un mélange de nos origines – Bells Beach et Fitzroy. Bells Beach apporte un côté décontracté alors que Fitzroy apporte un style urbain et créatif. La ville et la mer ; inspiration et aventure. Ensemble, ils créent le parfait équilibre.

Bells Beach

Notre QG à la plage se trouve juste derrière une grande dune de sable qui surplombe les spots de surf les plus réputés d'Australie. C'est là, dans le Maker Lab, que nos Product Designers innovent et que notre équipe commerciale passe la journée sur Skype en consommant une quantité copieuse de café. L'ambiance est plus tranquille ici que chez nos voisins de Fitzroy et nous aimons nous concentrer sur notre processus créatif. Nous allons au café d’à côté dès que nous avons une petite faim ou que nous voulons espionner les surfeurs. Parfait pour se ressourcer en respirant un peu d'air (salé) frais.


Notre espace Fitzroy se trouve au cœur de Melbourne, où nos équipes créatives, marketing, ingénierie et opérations travaillent sur les campagnes et l'expédition sécurisée des produits Bellroy dans le monde entier. En sortant, vous découvrirez des rues animées (et le meilleur restaurant de ramen à cette extrémité de Tokyo).

A distance

En plus de nos deux sièges sociaux nous avons une équipe qui travaille à distance - de l'Australie occidentale à des régions de l'Asie, aux États-Unis, à l'Europe. Être global est au coeur de Bellroy car cela nous maintient connectés et nous permet d'envisager la vie sous plusieurs regards. Si vous disposez d'une connection internet et si vous avez de la flexibilité pour faire partie d'une équipe que vous ne verrez pas tous les jours, vous pouvez envisager de joindre notre grandissante toile globale.

Our team image

Notre équipe

Le succès de Bellroy dépend de la diversité de nos équipes. Nous sommes une belle bande de penseurs et d'artisans venant de plus de 25 pays (pour l'instant). Chacun a des compétences uniques qui sont mises à profit pour réaliser une vision commune - Imaginer de nouveaux moyens de transporter vos essentiels ; utiliser notre entreprise pour influencer le monde de manière positive ; aider la société, et notre équipe, à s'épanouir.

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